What Makes Haven the Dog Spot Stand Out?

Haven the Dog Spot is independently owned providing the ability to be proactive and immediately responsive.

We love each and every dog in our care as though it were our own. Our staff knows their every like and dislike, their personalities and quirks, there is no question that we have a symbiotic relationship.

Dogs are Social by Nature.
Haven provides a safe and exciting experience for your baby while you are away. Allow us to exercise their body and mind – there’s no time to be lonely at Haven!


  • Haven always has multiple handlers in our playrooms. We limit the number of dogs per handler, much like a child’s day care. This process allows our pack dogs to play more freely and express themselves because adequate personnel is always present.
  • Haven’s Pack Staff are trained by a third party to ensure all are trained in a uniform and consistent manner and held to a high standard.
  • Haven has a Behavioral Specialist on site.
  • Secured Space with 24/7 surveillance and alarm systems.
  • Relationships with nearby vets.


  • Protocol adhered to vaccine requirements.
  • Spay/neuter requirements.
  • Open for facility tours at any time, any day.
  • Temperament evaluation.
  • Separate play areas for large, small dogs.
  • Webcam access from your desk or mobile phone.
  • You know your baby best, we welcome any special requests, scheduling or needs to make their stay with us as “At Home” as possible.
  • No additional fees for ANY special requests.
  • Exceptional customer service.
  • Convenient hours.


  • State-of-the-art air purification & HVAC systems.
  • Indoor climate-controlled environment featuring continuous fresh air exchanges.
  • Odor neutralizing systems.
  • Soundproofing throughout.


  • Highest standards of sanitation including built in cleaning systems – NO MOPS.
  • Continuous/immediate spot cleaning.
  • Environmental and pet safe nontoxic cleaners.
  • Commercial washers and dryers .


  • Time to play and time to relax throughout the day – free to choose.
  • Monitored Indoor play—including time for getting loved on.
  • Monitored Outdoor play area where dogs can enjoy some fresh air and sunshine featuring canine turf.
  • All boarding dogs enjoy a quiet, private glass-front suite with elevated bed and cozy blanket.
  • Piped in music to help dogs relax during their den time.       


  • Jezebel, Modern Luxury Magazine – Best Daycare in Atlanta.
  • Best of My East Cobb. Readers’ Choice.
  • Best of My Sandy Springs. Reader’s Choice.
  • Best of Jewish Atlanta, Readers’ Choice.
  • Nextdoor’s Neighborhood Favorite.

Passion,compassion and affection for the dogs in our care!

  • We love our community and are committed to helping out when and where we can.
  • The owner has a dog rescue Mutt Madd-ness and has saved over 2000 lives since its inception.