We are very proud of our Dog Spots and love showing them off. You are welcome to stop by anytime or contact us if you would like to schedule a behind-the-scenes tour.

When I started Mutt Madd-ness Dog Rescue in April 2009 it was my goal to ultimately have a facility where I could house and nurture my rescue pups. I quickly discovered the reality of nonprofits, especially small ones, that it is extremely difficult to raise funds. 

In early 2011 I started discussing alternatives to growing the rescue and came up with the idea of building a business around my love and compassion for dogs. Why not provide my adoption families and the community I live in with a full service dog spot? After all, I was already directing them to boarding and daycare facilities, trainers, advising on products and services…why not be all of that for them? I now believe Haven was already blossoming.

Over the years I have used many services for my personal and rescue dogs, that is why in developing Haven I thought long and hard about the environment I wanted to create. It needed to be someplace that I felt immediately comfortable in. Playful, intimate…a haven where all things discovered were through your dog’s eyes. To that end, I have canvassed products, materials, design, ventilation, sanitation, lighting, bedding and people to make your dog’s experience the most familiar, calming, safe and enjoyable…it will be as close to home as we can make it!

We are passionate about dogs and would love to get to know yours. We invite you to give them a place to hang out during the day, spend the night, be bathed and groomed and get all of their at home needs. For our rescue pups that we already know and love, let’s get reacquainted!

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We look forward to welcoming all breeds, all sizes, and all of you to Haven, The Dog Spot!
Barbara McRee, Owner