Going out of town for business or pleasure; or just needing an evening free for entertaining without worrying about the pup? Haven is your “Go to Spot” where every dog enjoys the “Suite Life”!

Our overnight care is complete. Our pup guests enjoy a bright, yet cozy climate-controlled den...a suite large enough to comfortably stretch out in. With our “cage-free” dog boarding approach, each guest can relax with privacy in a room customized to make them rest easier and reduce stress. Full glass doors, epoxy flooring, separating walls, feeding dish and water bowl, calming music and a comfy bed help each pup get a full nights rest.

Haven Suites

Overnight dogs enjoy a similar schedule as a dog here for the day. In the morning your dog enjoys a potty break, has breakfast and gets some individual playtime before the other day play dogs arrive. The rest of the day they are enjoying a day of play, rest, mental stimulation and one-on-one time. In the evening, after all have gone, they are provided an end-of-day potty break, they are then tucked in to their comfy bed with a fresh drink of water and to soothing classical music developed specifically for a dog’s ears. By day’s end they are well exercised and ready for a good night’s sleep. We try to simulate a normal day in the life for dogs in our boarding area including day-to-night lighting.

We know that there is no place like home, but we try to take special care to make sure your dog is as comfortable as possible. For dogs staying for an extended period of time, dogs that are new to boarding, or any dogs that just need that extra touch, we have lots of ways to make them feel comfortable during their stay.

Haven the Dog Spot tries it’s best to meet any special needs that your dog may have. If it has specific nap times, feeding times, medication schedules — just let us know what they are and we are happy to accommodate. We do not charge additional fees to provide the services that your dog receives on a daily basis and is accustomed to. We want all of our pups to feel as at home as we can possibly make it!

Boarding with us.

We ask that you supply your pup’s regular food* in order to avoid unnecessary tummy upsets and to help make your dog more comfortable while away from home. You are also welcome to send along some personal items from home; although, we ask that you do not bring any bulky and/or breakable items. Unless otherwise noted, we feed our adult dogs twice a day, in the morning and evening. Puppies are provided with an additional mid-day meal. We have a full kitchen and can easily accommodate any feeding requirements at no extra charge.

* Food should be packaged by the day in individual feeding baggies.

If your dog receives medications and/or supplements, please bring those items with detailed instructions for administering. Administering medications and supplements are included in the cost of care.

PLEASE NOTE: All medications must be in their correct prescription container as distributed by your vet.

Overnight Security & Inclement Weather

Haven the Dog Spot takes your dog’s care and safety VERY seriously. Haven does not provide overnight staffing, but we have taken all aspects of securing our facilities into consideration and have implemented multiple safeguards so that your dog sleeps safe and comfortably through the night.

Our kennel staff leaves shortly after the dogs last post-dinner potty break (8:30-9:00pm), at that time all pups are placed securely in their private den. We employ a state-of-the-art security and emergency alert system with remotely-monitored cameras and sensors. All access points and any movement is continuously monitored. The owner is minutes away from both facilities and available to any alert 24/7. The Cobb Fire Department is less than a mile away and our facility is up to code and has a complete fire suppression overhead sprinkler system. Additionally, we have a complete emergency preparedness plan and management and employees are well-versed in their responsibilities.

After-hours the facility is very calm and quiet. Soft dog-preferred classical music is piped in to the kennel areas and we promise after playing all day and with a full tummy, your baby is exhausted and drifts off to sleep dreaming about their new playmates.

Weather Emergencies: We always have dogs boarding with us, so arrangements are made for staff to be on site overnight to make sure all are cared for during inclement weather. We want all to be safe and secure when the weather outside is hazardous.